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Apprenti Supports Apprentices and Employers Every Step of the Way

A supportive learning and working environment can provide apprentices with the necessary skills they need to have long, successful careers. But where does that support come from? Are employers responsible for supporting apprentices on their own?

Employers that partner with Apprenti, which delivers Registered Apprenticeship Programs to bridge the digital skills and diversity gaps in tech, don’t have to support apprentices alone. Apprenti provides support and guidance for apprentices in three key areas:

  1. Financial 
  2. Training and mentorship
  3. Retention


As a Registered Apprenticeship Program, Apprenti obtains funding from the Department of Labor and through grants to cover the cost of delivering apprenticeship programs. This benefits employers in that they may be eligible for federal incentives, funding from state and local governments, and tax credits for recruiting apprentices. By contrast, employers who hire individuals through traditional pathways such as higher education or visa programs generally don’t receive these benefits.

For apprentices, the benefits are equally powerful. Apprenti’s ability to access funding enables individuals to participate in the program who might not otherwise have the opportunity. On average, career training programs cost between $10,000 and $20,000 per person. The average price tag for a private four-year college degree is around $150,000. These costs are often prohibitive for individuals from lower-income families and underrepresented populations, which limits their access to higher education, training, and reskilling opportunities. Apprenti ensures apprentices don’t have to seek funds themselves to pursue technical training. This means Apprenti brings those costs to zero for the apprentices we work with while providing economic mobility and pathways to new, higher-paying career opportunities.

For those who are unemployed prior to joining the apprenticeship program, Apprenti works with state unemployment agencies to ensure those individuals receive the maximum benefits they are entitled to. This includes extending benefits for the duration of their technical training, when applicable. 

Apprenti is also an approved program under the GI Bill, which means eligible Veterans can receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) during their on-the-job training (OJT). Eligible apprentices can also enroll and claim monthly GI Bill Benefits with Apprenti during on-the-job training.

We can also connect individuals who require housing and childcare subsidies with local and state government agencies that can help them get access to these benefits. These services not only help apprentices get the financial and social support they need, they also eliminate external stressors, enabling them to be more focused and productive on the job.

Training and mentorship

All apprentices participate in an orientation before their classroom, or related technical instruction (RTI), begins. During orientation, they have an opportunity to learn about the support services Apprenti offers throughout their apprenticeship. One such service is our Access Team, which delivers support and accommodations primarily for individuals with disabilities. However, any apprentice who requires accommodations or assistance during the program can tap the Access Team for help.   

Apprenti’s dedicated education team also has regular check-ins with training providers throughout the related technical instruction stage to ensure that the apprentices are progressing through the program as expected. The team also consults with employers to ensure that apprentices’ training curriculum is aligned with the duties they will perform on the job.  

Additionally, apprentices receive regular guidance and direct support throughout the program. They can email or schedule one-on-one conversations with Apprenti teams for a variety of issues, even if it’s just needing reassurance to calm their nerves before starting their on-the-job training. We also do check-ins at regular intervals throughout the program to ensure that apprentices are having a positive experience and proactively address any issues that may arise.

Apprenti also offers ongoing support for hiring managers and mentors who are responsible for working with apprentices. From providing a dedicated manager orientation to sharing best practices, from addressing questions or concerns about performance to accessibility, we deliver ample support to help employers create a successful, encouraging environment for apprentices.


As apprentices approach the one-year mark with employers, Apprenti checks in to see how things are progressing, and to determine if there is an opportunity for the apprentice to be retained as a full-time employee. We can also work with employers to extend apprenticeships if they feel the apprentice needs more training or time to ramp up into a full-time role. This gives apprentices the flexibility to hone specific skills or competencies, and provides the employer an opportunity to deepen their professional relationship, often leading to mutually beneficial outcomes for both apprentices and employers.

To learn more about Apprenti and how we support employers and apprentices, visit

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