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Apprenti changes the way you build talent
The Problem

The US is not producing enough tech talent to meet industry demands.

So, why do so many companies continue to recruit talent in the same ways and poach talent from each other?

3 million tech jobs vs 80,000 computer science grads

There are over 3 million technology jobs in the U.S. but colleges only produce 80,000 computer science graduates per year, creating a huge gap in talent that is growing.*

*According to National Center for Education Statistics and CompTIA.

The Apprenti Solution

Our trusted national organization has adapted the time-tested model of apprenticeship to create a quicker path to qualified and certified talent. Apprenti is creating a new pipeline of untapped talent and strengthening the tech ecosystem nationwide.

Higher retention rate with 8 out of 10 apprentices converted to FTE

Leader in driving diversity in tech roles

20-25% cost savings over traditionally sourced talent

The Apprenti Process

Apprenti provides a full-service solution for adopting and creating apprenticeships within your company either through accessing our holistic approach, or via consulting with us to build your own in-house program.

The apprenticeship process
The apprenticeship process
Meet Our Apprentices
You're in Good Company

Apprenti works directly with over 60 companies across the country, and growing! Industry sectors include technology, financial services, healthcare, retail, insurance, and more.

What Our Hiring Partners Have to Say

“As part of our focus at Harvard University on diversity, inclusion and belonging initiatives, diversity hiring is important to us. We were really impressed with all the support Apprenti offers to the apprentices and to the employers.

“Very talented group and very different backgrounds to choose from.

The Apprenti Cincinnati program has overdelivered on its promise bringing good candidates who function well in our environment. The selection process they used to present the four candidates we interviewed matches well with our goals for new associates. May we please have more?

“Wow! Both interviews exceeded our expectations. Thanks for providing us with two wonderful candidates.

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