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Cost-effective apprenticeships give our
hiring partners a powerful recruitment tool.

Apprenti is your key to hiring smart

Quality talent is your company’s greatest asset. Apprenti offers a new approach to filling the talent gap through an innovative tech apprenticeship model.

Benefits & Requirements
Apprenti streamlines the screening process for hiring the diverse tech talent your company needs.
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Apprenti is focusing on increasing diversity. About 50% of current apprentices are women, 54% are minorities, and 20% are veterans. With an average age of 30, they bring a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to help them make the leap to tech careers

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Pre-Screened Talent

Apprenti recruits candidates who demonstrate aptitude for tech occupations. Apprenti staff pre-screen highly ranked candidates via phone and in-person before bringing the best to your company for interview. Companies choose their apprentices based on aptitude and cultural fit.

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Trained & Tested Professionals

Apprentices receive two to five months of accelerated occupational training prior to beginning on-the-job training. Companies train apprentices on the specific skills they need to drive results for your organization.

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Apprenti handles all state and federal registration and reporting so you don’t have to. You simply assign someone to supervise the apprentice who has been in a similar job for at least two years. Apprenti will gather periodic feedback from the company and manager to monitor progress and satisfaction.

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Your company can extend full-time offers to the fully trained apprentices once their apprenticeship is complete or as early as six months; however, retention is not required.

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Cost Savings

Registered apprentice salaries are 60% of market rate, offsetting your investment in on-the-job training. A one-time increase to 70% of market rate is provided at 6 months based on improved proficiency. Save on recruitment costs! Your company pays a one-time placement fee of $2,500 per apprentice.

Screening & Hiring Process

Our proven model streamlines the hiring process and ensures access to diverse, capable candidates.

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Screening & Hiring Process

Our proven model streamlines the hiring process and ensures access to diverse, capable candidates.

Screening & Hiring Process

Our proven model streamlines the hiring process and ensures access to diverse, capable candidates.

Current Occupations & Sample Certifications
Network Security Admin Icon
Network Security Administrator

CCNA/P from Cisco

Web Developer Icon
Web Developer

Through local best-aligned coding academy

Software Developer Icon
Software Developer

Through local best-aligned coding academy

IT Business Analyst Icon
IT Business Analyst

ITIL and MTA in SQL, and Tableau Associate

Windows Sys Admin Icon
Windows Systems Administrator

MCSA/E from Microsoft

Linux Sys Admin Icon
Linux Systems Administrator

LPIC 1, 2, and 3

Cloud Support Specialist Icon
Cloud Support Specialist 1

Network+, Linux+

Cloud Support Specialist Icon
Cloud Support Specialist 2

Network+, Linux+ and proprietary expert level certification such as AWS Solutions Architect Certification

Data Center Technician Icon
Data Center Technician

A+, Network+, Server+, Linux+

Additional occupations are under development.
Apprenti can also file new occupations and build specialized programs.

You’re in good company

By becoming a hiring partner you’ll tap into the same trusted talent-sourcing pipeline as some of the biggest names in tech.

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Hiring Partner Testimonials

“The Apprenti program is of great benefit to us. We hardly ever find technically qualified candidates for our positions, so we end up training them ourselves. Apprenti not only takes care of the formal training and certifications, but most importantly brought us a fully vetted candidate with great attitude and motivation. That is worth more to us than technical experience.”

Eva Cherry

“Apprenti finds people who are passionate about technology and wanting to program, but are coming in with a level of maturity and a level of experience that somebody I would hire straight out of school or even from another tech company isn’t going to come in with.”

Kevin Goldsmith

“Our partnership with the Workforce Institute enables us to influence the curriculum and training provided to apprentices and lets us do the on-the-job training.”

Chuck Edward

“Apprenti offers an innovative approach to an issue of increasing urgency for employers: a skilled workforce that reflects the diversity of its partners, customers and communities. It is essential to our company’s and the technology industry’s long-term, competitive growth that we recruit and retain talent from a more diverse population.”

Julian Eames
Apprenti Profiles

“I’m Jared, a former Air Force pilot. I wanted to start a new career that kept me closer to my family. I had dabbled in tech before joining the Air Force and am accustomed to working in high-pressure environments. Thinking apprenticeship is a good way to learn a new career, I applied to Apprenti and am now apprenticing as a Network Security Administrator at F5.”


“I’m Aeone, and I have an associates degree in computer science. Previously I worked in customer service and the insurance industry. Now I’m in training to become a software developer at Microsoft. Through Apprenti I am able to advance my career and build on my degree.”

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