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Creating Pathways to Thrive: A Conversation with Apprenti and OneTen

Jennifer Carlson, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Apprenti, recently sat down with Maurice Jones, Chief Executive Officer of OneTen for Creating Pathways to Thrive: A Conversation with Apprenti and OneTen. This exciting conversation was moderated by Tiffany Edwards, Regional Director of Apprenti. 

Jennifer and Maurice discussed the shared values of Apprenti and OneTen. OneTen’s mission is to hire, promote and advance one million Black individuals who do not have a four-year degree into family-sustaining careers over the next ten years. The Apprenti program has the potential to provide this pathway for many of the individuals OneTen serves. 

Tiffany asked Maurice about the future of Black talent and the challenges OneTen faces regarding that future. Maurice highlighted that it is not enough for Black talent to simply enter the workforce, but to “enter and thrive.” Jennifer echoed that sentiment when she shared that when hiring talent from underrepresented groups, “it is not about lowering expectations, it’s about cultivating talent to meet expectations – even if they don’t come from the traditional university background.”

Maurice concluded the conversation by sharing his inspiring goal of having the United States surpassed all other countries in utilizing apprenticeships! Apprenti is proud to partner with OneTen in working for that brighter future. 

Watch the whole video for powerful words from these incredible thought leaders. 


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