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“As part of our focus at Harvard University on diversity, inclusion and belonging initiatives, diversity hiring is important to us. We were really impressed with all the support Apprenti offers to the apprentices and to the employers.

“Very talented group and very different backgrounds to choose from.

The Apprenti Cincinnati program has overdelivered on its promise bringing good candidates who function well in our environment. The selection process they used to present the four candidates we interviewed matches well with our goals for new associates. May we please have more?

“Wow! Both interviews exceeded our expectations. Thanks for providing us with two wonderful candidates.

“The Apprenti program is of great benefit to us. We hardly ever find technically qualified candidates for our positions, so we end up training them ourselves. Apprenti not only takes care of the formal training and certifications, but most importantly brought us a fully vetted candidate with great attitude and motivation. That is worth more to us than technical experience.”

“Apprenti finds people who are passionate about technology and wanting to program, but are coming in with a level of maturity and a level of experience that somebody I would hire straight out of school or even from another tech company isn’t going to come in with.”

“Our partnership with the Workforce Institute enables us to influence the curriculum and training provided to apprentices and lets us do the on-the-job training.”

“Apprenti offers an innovative approach to an issue of increasing urgency for employers: a skilled workforce that reflects the diversity of its partners, customers and communities. It is essential to our company’s and the technology industry’s long-term, competitive growth that we recruit and retain talent from a more diverse population.”

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