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Apprenticeship: Network Security Administrator, F5

Apprenti gave me a huge leg-up in finding a mid-level career position in a field that might have otherwise taken years of training and work experience to find.

Apprenticeship: Web Developer, F5

Apprenti helped me finally achieve what a bachelor’s degree, while helpful, just couldn’t guarantee.

Prior Job: Pharmacist

Apprenticeship: Software Developer, Microsoft

Even with all of my training, I could not get my foot in the door for a career in tech. Apprenti gave me the opportunity no one else would, and now I work as an apprentice software developer.

Prior Job: Medical Interpreter

Apprenticeship: QA Analyst, ComTech

Through Apprenti I have not only received the training to gain the skills to ensure success at my new career but the support to make this transitioning enriching and building on all my previous work, life, and college experiences.

Prior Job: Marines, Help Desk and Cybersecurity Analyst

Apprenticeship:  Cloud Operations Specialist, Amazon

 My apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to gain valuable real-world knowledge while working alongside some of the best minds in the tech industry. This program is a perfect fit for companies looking for talent and candidates who are willing to excel to meet the challenge, and Apprenti was key.

Prior Job: Army Help Desk Technician

Apprenticeship: Data Center Technician, Amazon

I was out of the Army for only two months and was struggling to reenter the job market. I didn’t want to attend college for four years and wasn’t confident that my technical skills were strong enough to pursue a career in IT even though my entire military career was spent in IT. When I found out about Apprenti, I felt like it tackled those two dilemmas. I am thankful for the opportunity Apprenti has given me.

Prior Job: Stay-at-home mom

Apprenticeship: IT Business Analyst, ComTech

Apprenti’s training was far more robust than anything I could have found on my own. It gave me the skills and confidence I need to get back on the job.

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