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Apprenticeship: Web Developer, Avvo

Apprenti has given me the outlet to expand, and what I can achieve is endless at this point.

Prior Job: Uber Driver

Apprenticeship: Software Developer, Amazon

Through Apprenti I am able to pursue a career in the tech industry which has been very difficult to enter.

Prior Job: Boxing Coach

Apprenticeship: Software Developer, Microsoft

Before, I never thought much about the future because I didn’t believe in my own. But now, thanks to Apprenti, I view the world in a fresh new light and I can’t wait to see what kind of future I can help build!

Prior Job: Army, Intelligence Analyst

Apprenticeship: Data Center Technician, Amazon

I love the camaraderie among everyone within the program. I always knew I wanted to get into the tech field but I never saw it as a viable option until I learned about Apprenti. It has been a blessing to receive the training needed to allow me to grow intrinsically and as an employee. Without Apprenti’s help, I would have never been where I am today.

Prior Job: Marines Team Lead

Apprenticeship: Cloud Operations Specialist, Amazon

I would absolutely recommend Apprenti to anyone who is passionate about technology, wants to make a major change in their life, and is willing to put in work for it.

Prior Job: Military and Freelance Web Developer

Apprenticeship: Cloud Operations Specialist, Amazon

When I found Apprenti, I was at the end of my savings and pretty desperate to find a job. I’d already invested in a coding boot camp and had a decent amount of prior experience in tech, but it just wasn’t enough to get the jobs I’d been applying to. Apprenti made it easier to apply my skills from the military to my apprenticeship and become a successful contributor to my position. I’m eternally grateful to the program

Prior Job: Military and Law Enforcement

Apprenticeship: Software Developer, Microsoft

“I know when other motivated veterans separate from service, they often struggle to find a path to successful and rewarding careers. Apprenti removes those barriers and creates a path towards successful careers.”

“I’m Rami, an immigrant with an ICT degree from Tunisia. I took web development courses in U.S. to move into a tech career here and am now in training to become a software developer at Microsoft. Apprenti gave me the pathway into my career and apprenticeship will ensure I have the skills I need to succeed long-term.”

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