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A Technical Sales Specialist is tasked with developing and nurturing partnerships with clients in the tech space. Typically working in organizations that produce or provide technical goods and services, these professionals facilitate the client solicitation process while actively exploring technical solutions for partners.  Specialization within this role may involve technical account management, serving as a subject matter expert on a portfolio of products and implementing project management methodologies to manage hardware/software updates, ticketing, and other aspects of technical support. 

Related Technical Instruction (RTI)

As part of RTI, Technical Sales Specialist apprentices generally receive instruction in: 

  • IT Industry Fundamentals
    • IT Hardware, Software
    • Data Centers and Analytics Tools
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Networking and Security
  • Prospecting and Closing Sales/Sales Fundamentals
  • Sales Bootcamp/Practical Application of Skills

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

During OJT, Technical Sales Specialist apprentices generally work on tasks substantially similar to the following:

  • Client solicitation
  • Developing technical solutions
  • Project management
  • Ticket Management and Documentation
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