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Born and raised in Fiji Islands, I grew up working on my family farm and playing sports. Started studying accounting in high school for possibilities of securing a job in a wider job market in Fiji compared to other fields of study.

Moved to USA in 2005. Moving to the Pacific Northwest from a tropical climate has also shifted my hobbies from playing outdoor sports to staying cuddled in my room and playing video games. I mostly enjoy RPG games that have a good plot and offer mental challenges.

I completed my Bachelor’s in Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting at University of Washington Tacoma campus. In order to pay for college I worked at fast food chains, convenience stores and warehouses.

I started working for WTIA in 2016 as an intern and later hired as a full time staff accountant. My main duties are focused on book keeping, grant management and HR administration for the Apprenti program.

The last two years working for the WTIA Apprenti Program has been a great learning and growing experience.

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