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Jessica Burns is a Seattle native, data analyst, and software engineer.  Having gone through a demanding coding bootcamp in San Francisco, CA, Jessica knows and appreciates what the apprentices in the Apprenti program are undertaking.  With over a decade of business and analysis experience in the aerospace sector with The Boeing Company, Jessica believes in the mission of the Apprenti program to help underrepresented people enter the world of tech in the Pacific Northwest and around the nation.  Jessica enjoys helping individuals and organizations explore the prismatic effect of business on technology (and vice versa) with an emphasis on data-driven decision-making.  Jessica holds a Masters in Engineering and Technology Management (METM) from Washington State University.  When not coding or analyzing, Jessica enjoys spending her time introducing her daughters and son to the rich natural beauty, diverse peoples, and fun things to do in the Pacific Northwest.  Jessica can be reached via LinkedIn at  Feel free to say hi!

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