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A Software Test Manager is tasked with testing and evaluating the performance of software, system, or other application under a variety of conditions. These individuals are responsible for the structuring and implementation of testing procedures to validate performance within a set of technical specifications. The identification and tracking of issues is an essential component of the software development life cycle. These individuals are responsible for implementing a continuous improvement methodology to ensure quality. 

Related Technical Instruction (RTI)

As part of RTI, Software Test Manager apprentices generally receive instruction in: 

  • Software Testing Principles and Methodologies
  • Agile and non-Agile Development Environments
  • Management of Test Processes
  • Developing Test Protocols, Supervising Processes, and Analyzing Outcomes

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

During OJT, Software Test Manager apprentices generally work on tasks substantially similar to the following:

  • Understanding and implementing foundational software testing
  • Agile software development
  • Agile testing principles, practices, and procedures
  • Evaluating and implementing testing methodologies, techniques, and tools
  • Scrum mastering
  • Risk assessment and mitigation – Risk-based testing
  • Testing software quality characteristics
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