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Registered Apprenticeship Provided Chris Brown a Pathway to a New Career and Job Satisfaction

It can be daunting to switch careers, let alone start working in a whole new industry. Chris Brown did both—he ended up making a successful change to a career in tech through Registered Apprenticeship (RA). After years of working in marketing and politics, Chris decided to pursue a new career path. To start, he worked with a career coach through Jewish Vocational Services, who introduced him to Apprenti after he shared his dream of working in business analytics.    

Apprenti proved a great match, as it uses the RA model to create alternative pathways for organizations to access diverse talent to fill much-needed digital skills roles. Through Apprenti, Chris became an IT Business Analyst apprentice. After completing classroom training, which included job-specific coursework and industry certifications, he started On-the-Job (OJT) training as a Systems Analyst I with CareSource, a nonprofit health plan based in Dayton, Ohio.

Chris wanted to avoid taking out loans to go back to school at a traditional university. Registered Apprenticeship was the perfect alternative. Earning a salary while completing his OJT was also a huge benefit. When asked about his experience, Chris said, “It just made so much sense! I had wanted to get into business analytics for a long time, and the fact that this was an employer-sponsored opportunity that mixed education, OJT, and a salary made it a dream come true.” 

Many individuals and organizations are beginning to recognize the benefits of RA, especially in non-traditional industry sectors such as IT. Apprenti partners with multiple employers and  placed over 700 apprentices in 2022 alone. Apprenti creates mutually beneficial solutions for employers and job seekers, as evidenced by the fact that 88% of apprentices are retained by employers after completing the program. Additionally, 92% of apprentices come from underrepresented groups.  

As for Chris, he continues to praise the benefits of RA. Not only did he embark on a tremendous new career, he also developed some critical skills that set him up for future success. “I gained incredible self-confidence through this process,” Chris noted. “I knew absolutely nothing about the curriculum, and Apprenti set up the program so I could work through everything successfully without any barriers. What my employer, CareSource, did for me was an incredible gift that has earned them incredible allegiance from me as an employee. My future has never felt as bright as it is right now!” 

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