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Apprenti is committed to offering an inclusive and accessible experience for all candidates and apprentices including individuals with disabilities.

In the section below, we outline a four-step accommodation process to support qualified candidates and apprentices with disabilities during the hiring process and RTI/OJT. For more information about your rights as an individual with a disability, please review the “Disclosing a Disability – Know your Rights” article.  For examples of types of accommodations according to disability or work function, check out Job Accommodation Network.

Accommodation Process

Step 1: Submit an Accommodation Request 

  • You can request a change in the hiring process, at RTI, or during OJT at any point. The request can be made via email or during a conversation.
  • You also have opportunities to disclose your disability and request an accommodation in the application, post-acceptance survey, and in surveys during RTI and OJT.
  • If you disclose your disability, the Apprenti Access Team will contact you within three business days and extend an invitation to meet with you.

Step 2: Connect with Apprenti Access Team 

  • The purpose of this step is to identify the work-related barrier(s) you are experiencing in relation to your disability and discuss how it can be eliminated through an accommodation.
  • This is an interactive conversation!

Step 3: Notify RTI Provider or OJT Manager 

  • If you need to request an accommodation with RTI / OJT, please refer to our accommodation request email template below. Note – If you do not receive a response within three business days, send a follow-up email.

Dear [Name of Manager or Instructor],

  • Briefly mention that you have a disability.
  • Describe barriers you’ve experienced when performing essential functions of your job.
  • Share ideas for potential accommodations.
  • Inquire about the organization’s accommodation process. Ask them to outline your next steps.

Step 4: Implement Accommodation Solution 

  • Work with your RTI provider or OJT manager to select an accommodation and create an accommodation implementation plan. Ask who you should reach out to if the accommodation is not effective.

Still have questions? We are here to help! 

Please contact Apprenti’s Access Team with any questions or concerns about the accommodation process.

Phone: (206) 513-7924

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