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Meet Necee: From Fashion Stylist to UX Researcher

Apprenti is proud to support talented individuals to get certified in today’s most in-demand tech jobs. Amazon offers a variety of skills training and apprenticeships, including the User Experience Design and Research (UXDR) Apprenticeship program. This apprenticeship and the Amazon Technical Apprenticeship program, both conducted in partnership with Apprenti, offer immersive learning and on-the-job paid training that have created paths to jobs for candidates looking to break into technical professions.

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Necee Rubin

Current Occupation:

UX Research Apprentice at Amazon

Why did you decide to work with Apprenti?

The User Experience Design + Research apprenticeship program at Amazon partners with Apprenti to train people for UX roles in the company. Before becoming a UX Research apprentice, I was a high school Fashion Design teacher. After leaving the classroom, I followed my fashion roots and began working at Amazon as a part-time virtual stylist and later, a full-time Fashion Specialist.

I had already started taking UX classes outside of work before learning about the apprenticeship program. A career in User Experience was my ultimate career transition goal, but I felt I didn’t have the confidence or experience to apply for a full-time UX role. I couldn’t afford to go back to school for a Master’s degree to gain the confidence or pursue internships without health benefits somewhere else to gain the experience. The UX Design + Research apprenticeship at Amazon in partnership with Apprenti was perfect for me! It offers the instructor-led and on-the- job training experience that I needed to begin my career in UX.

What kind of work do you do every day? What do you enjoy about it?

As a UX Research apprentice, I assist in research studies using different methods to understand the user experience. I enjoy helping users have a better experience through discoveries from my research. I also enjoy that this apprenticeship allows me to learn from experienced researchers (on my team and within Amazon), like my amazing manager and mentor during on-the-job training.

What impact has Apprenti had on your career?

The partnership between Amazon and Apprenti has been life-changing for me and my family! I learn best by doing, which is exactly how the apprenticeships are set up. I have learned intangible skills that will give me a leg up in my career. I have the time to learn, grow, make mistakes, and learn from them. Through the program, I have also gained an instant network of UX apprentice friends in my cohort. I feel comfortable learning with the other apprentices in the UX apprentice program. Many were from an underrepresented group, like me, and pursuing a career in UX. We all have our own “why,” and the partnership with Apprenti has allowed me to live out my “why.”

Would you recommend Apprenti?

I would absolutely recommend Apprenti to anyone who is looking to pursue a career in the technology field! Don’t hesitate and miss an opportunity to change your life, even if you don’t feel qualified or ready. The structure of the program was created to set you up for success by giving you the time to learn and people in your corner to help you! You won’t be alone in your journey. The decision I made to apply has changed the trajectory of my entire family. I am forever grateful for this opportunity created by Amazon’s partnership with Apprenti.

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