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Apprenti - Washington State
Greater Seattle and surrounding areas

Fast Growing Tech Hub

Apprenti is an initiative of the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) created to address the tech talent shortage in Washington State. The tech industry continues to create jobs at a record rate and our local talent pool isn’t keeping pace. The WTIA is working with industry, education, and government professionals to improve investment in higher education and worker re-training to ensure that our region continues as one of the world’s most influential technology hubs.

The Greater Seattle area is one of the fastest growing tech hubs nationwide. With over 230,000 tech industry jobs at 14,000 information and communication technology (ICT) companies, the need for tech talent is high.

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Web Developer
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Software Developer
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Network Security Administrator
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Windows System Administrator
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Linux System Administrator
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Cloud Support Specialist
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Data Center Technician
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IT Support Professional

Apprenti’s hiring partners in Washington include Microsoft, Amazon, Avvo, Comtech, Silicon Mechanics, and F5. Apprenticeship opportunities are currently offered in the following occupations:  web developer, software developer, network security administrator, Windows system administrator, Linux system administrator, cloud support specialist, data center technician and IT support professional. New employers and apprenticeship opportunities are added regularly. To apply for apprenticeship opportunities in Washington, review the website and take the assessment.

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