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Apprenti – Washington State

Greater Seattle and surrounding areas


Jim Edwards
VP Enterprise Sales & Marketing

Fastest Growing Tech Hub in the U.S.

Home to giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, and thousands of other world-class employers of technology talent, the beautiful Seattle metropolitan area is the fastest growing tech hub in the United States, and the second-ranked market for tech talent overall. The “Emerald City” region is a critical center of innovation helping to transform our world and society.

Seattle’s tech labor pool grew by 20% between 2012 and 2017 and shows no signs of slowing down. Indeed, companies continue to relocate to the Seattle area to take advantage of the area’s rich mine of talent. This increase in demand creates at least two significant challenges for employers: the need for a larger, more sustainable supply of talent, and the ability to retain that talent.

Apprenti began in Seattle and helps companies meet the rapidly growing demand for talented, capable, and diverse tech talent for hard-to-fill roles like Software Developers, IT Business Analysts, Cybersecurity Analysts, and more! And with retention rates in the mid-80% range, the Apprenti Program helps employers to stay off the poaching carousel.

Apprenti has placed hundreds of apprentices Washington employers including Microsoft, Amazon, Avvo, Comtech, Silicon Mechanics, and F5. Occupations include software developer, network security administrator, system administrator, cloud support specialist, data center technician, IT business analyst, network operations developer, and IT support professional.

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Reach out to learn more about how to leverage apprenticeship for your in-demand roles.

“We got involved as a company because of the need to source talent. The Apprenti program opens us up to pathways we just wouldn’t be able to get to otherwise.”

New employers and apprenticeship opportunities are added regularly. To apply for apprenticeship opportunities in Washington, review the website and take the assessment.

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Software Developer
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Web Developer
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Network Security Administrator
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Windows System Administrator
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Linux System Administrator
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Cloud Support Specialist
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Data Center Technician
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IT Support Professional
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