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Jessica Upton-Rowley, Grant Program Coordinator

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Silicon Slopes

Silicon Slopes Apprenti provides an age-old solution for a new era to two problems in Utah’s technology sector. First, there’s a professional talent shortage in the Technology Sector in Utah that grows every day. Second, there’s a ceiling that does not allow for range of demographically-diverse populations in Utah to access training for Technology Sector careers. Silicon Slopes Apprenti will provide the beginning of a solution to both problems.

With more than 116,100 in direct employment, the tech sector’s influence on Utah’s overall economy is now ahead of the state’s real estate industry — only with an average yearly compensation of $102,000 per position, nearly 75 percent higher than the average of $58,400 paid per job in other industries.

Utah’s tech industry averaged 3.6 percent job growth per year from 2007 to 2017, according to the findings, for a growth rate that was more than double that of the industry on a national level. Average earnings per job in the sector came in at $77,200 yearly in 2017, compared to $50,600 for all other industries in the state.

By partnering with employers in the Tech Sector to offer Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeships and providing assessment, recruitment, and community partnerships, Silicon Slopes Apprenti will bridge the divide. Silicon Slopes Apprenti, in conjunction with the Department of Workforce Services and Talent Ready Utah, has launched its Registered Apprenticeship program in Utah and is accepting applications for participants interested in starting a career that can change their life. Now is the time to begin your career in tech with Silicon Slopes Apprenti.

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