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Jacquelyn Craddock
Director, Business
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Louisiana: Creating The Jobs Of The Future

Louisiana has been successful in recent years in attracting global technology firms to set up locations in the state. At the same time, homegrown tech startups have grown into multimillion-dollar corporations, expanding with offices in multiple states across the U.S. Almost every firm in Louisiana utilizes technology to some extent, and many firms not operating in the tech sector still need to hire IT employees. While Louisiana’s tech employers post an average of 977 openings per month just for the roles of Software Developers & Programmers and Network Specialists, it only generates 2,669 higher education degree completers annually with the credentials and skills needed to fill these positions.

The need to accommodate this phenomenal job growth creates an opportunity for Louisiana to foster new strategies to attract and retain IT talent within the state. This program works with tech employers to identify mid-tier jobs ready to be filled by highly competent people regardless of educational background and work experience. Apprenti Louisiana will actively recruit women, minorities, and veterans to aid in diversifying the tech industry, but everyone is eligible and encouraged to apply. Candidates selected for the program will be hired as an apprentice by a tech employer, receiving intensive classroom training and paid on-the-job training for a highly-skilled role in the tech industry.

Louisiana isn’t a state that you just pass through – that’s why we’re home to the second-highest percentage of native born residents in the country. With a cost of living that’s much lower than neighboring Houston and Atlanta, residents can choose to live in apartments in a lively downtown overlooking the Mississippi River, bungalows in historic neighborhoods in urban settings, brand new homes in award-winning planned communities, or serene spaces in the region’s more rural parishes.

While the world may know us for our tailgate traditions (as they should), our passion goes beyond the football field. Louisiana residents celebrate throughout the year with unique festivals, many of which are free and open to the public, that showcase our cuisine, our connection to our rivers and bayous and our culture. But you don’t have to be from here to join the party— we have a history of welcoming people from around the world on a regular basis. Plus, we like to think people in Louisiana are just as warm and passionate as our subtropical climate and spicy food.

Join Apprenti Louisiana and create a career you’ll love in a place you love to call home!

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Our hiring partners include some of Louisiana’s top tech employers: TraceSecurity, General Informatics, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, and Eatel.

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