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Apprenti Affiliate – California


Stacy Hollingsworth
State Director, Apprenti California

A Major Tech Hub

California is the largest state economy in the United States, with a total private workforce of 14.7 million people of great diversity, and a gross state product of $3 trillion in 2018. California’s job growth is outpacing the nation’s, and yet the state has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and continues to face a serious shortage of skilled workers.  It is estimated that at the current pace, California will be constantly struggling to fill a revolving door of more than 2.5 million entry-level and middle-skills jobs.  While tech companies dominate the California landscape, especially in Silicon Valley, both tech and non-tech companies are experiencing this serious shortage of skilled workers today.

Apprenti, in partnership with Tipping Point and JPMorgan Chase, launched in California in late 2018 to partner with employers who want to address their current talent needs and fill their long-term talent pipelines. Today, Apprenti California is working with companies from San Francisco to Orange County to hire highly diverse individuals who possess the skills and appetite to succeed in critical tech roles, based on their competency not pedigree. Nationally, Apprenti works to fulfill tech employment needs across many sectors, including financial, healthcare, retail, government, and more.

To ensure that we have qualified candidates to place on-demand, in employer-based apprenticeship programs, Apprenti California works with non-profit organizations that serve our target audience of underrepresented minorities, including Upwardly Global, Goodwill and JobTrain. Simultaneously, we partner with the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development, workforce development boards statewide, Mayor Garcetti’s office in Los Angeles, community colleges up and down the state, and private recruiting organizations to identify employer needs and discover talent that can be placed into these critical roles.

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In 2019, Apprenti California enrolled its first two cohorts of software developers, who have completed their tech training and are currently in the early stages of their apprenticeships with one of Silicon Valley’s largest software development companies and one the world’s largest tech companies. Our programs work well as an end-to-end solution or blended into a company’s existing apprenticeship programs where we increase access to non-traditional talent with strong outcomes converting apprentices to full-time employment.


Apprenticeship opportunities are currently offered in the Bay Area, Los Angeles County and Orange County for the following occupations:  software developer, cybersecurity analyst, UI/UX, and more.  To apply for apprenticeship opportunities in California, take the assessment.

Apprenti will be adding additional hiring partners and occupations in the coming months. If you are interested in becoming a hiring partner, contact us.

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