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Change the way you build talent
Tailored Solutions

Develop your organization’s tech talent using the time-tested model of Registered Apprenticeship. Apprenti offers an end-to-end talent acquisition sourcing solution, in which we source, assess, and present candidates, in addition to training and overseeing their placement as tech apprentices. 

Additionally, we offer a tailored solution that augments whatever recruiting or training for tech talent your organization already has in place. Using this tailored tech recruitment approach, Apprenti makes it easy by managing the day-to-day operations and infrastructure of apprenticeship based on the functions you need us to support. As a Department of Labor industry intermediary, Apprenti already has approved occupational frameworks for most generalized tech roles, so your company can join hundreds of others in signing onto the existing standards. If you prefer to be the standard-holder, Apprenti can file and register custom apprenticeship standards for you, allowing you to be part of the Registered Apprenticeship ecosystem that is breaking down barriers and closing talent gaps.

We can help with tech talent acquisition, talent management, and even source technical training (for which we are platform-agnostic). As a non-profit, Apprenti has access to both public and private funds and subsidies to offset training costs. By working within the model of Registered Apprenticeship, you are helping to build a nationalized tech talent pipeline to augment traditional hiring systems and create net new talent while proactively implementing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility into your workforce development strategy.

Chart of Apprenti program pieces
Chart of Apprenti program pieces
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