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Good Jobs Challenge
Good Jobs Challenge Grant

In August 2022, Apprenti was awarded the Department of Commerce Good Jobs Challenge (GJC) grant to develop and deploy diverse talent across the Cloud and Aerospace & Aviation sectors through the pathway of registered apprenticeship.

Over the three-year grant term, Apprenti will partner with employers across the nation to place 2,000 apprentices in high-demand Cloud and Aerospace & Aviation roles.

Benefits and Cost Savings
  • Apprenti can source apprentices and leverage grant funds to offset the cost of Related Technical Instruction. 
  • The sourcing alone yields a 30% cost savings at minimum over traditionally sourced talent. 
  • Additionally, 91% of Apprenti placements come from underrepresented groups.
Cloud and Aerospace & Aviation roles currently available through Apprenti:
Cloud support specialist Icon


Cloud-related occupations include, but are not limited to: Cloud Operations Engineer, Cloud Solutions Architect, Software Developer, and DevOps.

Gain Access to Tech Talent

For more information on developing your own pipeline of Cloud or Aerospace & Aviation roles or or other tech roles, reach out now!

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