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Cost-effective apprenticeships give our
hiring partners a powerful recruitment tool.

Employer Frequently Asked Questions

How does my company become a hiring partner?

If your company is interested in becoming a hiring partner, contact Sasha Rayburn. Send us information about the jobs you want to fill and desired fill dates.

What is the overall commitment for hiring partners?

As a hiring company you’ll commit to hiring an apprentice for a 12-month period, after the apprentice has completed their two to five-month training. Some hiring companies have chosen to commit to a set number of apprentices as a way to build momentum for the program within their organization.

How much will we need to budget for each apprentice?

The apprentice’s wage should be 60% of what the employer would typically pay an entry level individual in the position in which they are an apprentice, with an increase to 70% of that rate after 6 months. Apprenti has established a minimum level of compensation to ensure a living wage is provided. The minimum rate in King County is $42,000 for most occupations; the minimum is $45,000 for Software Application Developer and Web Application Developer.

What training will the program participants have?

Training is customized for each occupational area. For specific information about training for an occupation, contact click here.

Does each hiring partner get a chance to interview the program participants before making an offer?

Yes, your company will be given an opportunity to interview participants before making an offer.

Are hiring partners committed to hiring the apprentice after the initial 12-month program?

The goal of Apprenti is to find permanent placement within the technology industry for each of the apprentices participating in the program. We expect many hiring companies will want to extend full-time offers to their fully trained apprentices once the 12-month program is complete. However, we are clear with apprentices the program does not guarantee them full-time placement.

In what occupational areas do you train apprentices?

Apprenti offers apprentices in the following occupations: Software Application Developer, Web Application Developer, Network Security Administrator, Windows Systems Administrator, Linux Systems Administrator, Database Administrator, Project Management, Data Center Technician, Cloud Support Specialist, and IT Business Analyst. Apprenti can also build a specialized apprentice training program for you.

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