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A CRM Administrator is tasked with implementing and managing a CRM system within an organization. Responsibilities may include the development of architecture strategy, optimizing processes that enhance customer relationships, and updating platform-specific systems. Additional aspects include aligning software requirements with organizational capabilities and translating business needs into feature integrations.

Related Technical Instruction (RTI)

As part of RTI, CRM Administrator apprentices generally receive instruction in: 

  • Excel Fundamentals/Data Analysis
  • Database Fundamentals/SQL
  • CRM Administration and Architecture

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

During OJT, CRM Administrator apprentices generally work on tasks substantially similar to the following:

  • Client and project scoping
  • CRM/CMS configuration
  • CRM/CMS customization and development
  • Testing, debugging, and maintenance
  • Reporting, data analysis, and business intelligence/data visualization
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