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The path, the plan,
your career in tech.
Learning Tools

Take the next step in your career by exploring these resources.

Not sure what you want to do next?

The Skills to Succeed Academy is Accenture’s free online learning program that helps people build skills and confidence to plan their careers, get a job, and be successful in employment.  Browse the options on our home page, and register using access code 04ZZ04. There are around 40 modules to choose from, most between 30 and 60 minutes.

Out of school a while?

Consider starting with Coursera’s short course, “Learning How to Learn” (12 hours; free audit option available with all Coursera courses)

Apprenti’s key Seattle-area partner, TLG Learning, has produced a free 45-minute webinar on how to use Microsoft Teams, plus discounted additional training. Visit their Apprenti Resources page for more information.

New to tech?

Want to learn more about accessible apprenticeships?

Apprenti has partnered with the Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship (PIA) to provide resources on Advancing Your Career through Inclusive Apprenticeship and Creating Inclusive Virtual & Hybrid Apprenticeships.

Learn more about the Apprenti Access Team’s Apprentice Services.

Veteran Services

Apprenti helps Veterans access an accelerated career path in technology. Tech is a fast-growing industry, and our unique apprenticeship program puts individuals on a straightforward, step-by-step fast track toward their dream job.

Learn more about Veteran Services here.

Want a deeper dive?

IT Fundamentals by CompTIA, Apprenti’s primary partner for tech infrastructure learning. CompTIA is offering this 30-day online program for free (normally $179).

Python for Everybody, Coursera specialization for software development covering around 180 hours of content (you may pay to earn a certificate of completion or audit the courses for free).

Next steps

These training programs will help you understand which career path is right for you, and if you’re selected by an Apprenti employer, will make it easier to keep up with our fast-paced classroom training during your apprenticeship. Stay tuned to the site for updated options as we post them, and to apply for an apprenticeship when you’re ready!

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