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Apprenti Named Apprenticeship Ambassador by U.S. Department of Labor

Apprenti is honored to have been selected by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to serve as an Apprenticeship Ambassador. Our organization was chosen as part of the inaugural cohort of 207 officials and organizations. The Apprenticeship Ambassador Initiative, developed in 2021 by Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, brings together industry, labor, education, equity, and workforce leaders to partner with the Office of Apprenticeship. 

This two-year appointment will allow Apprenti to directly share our experiences and collaborate with the DOL to champion apprenticeship opportunities. Apprenti and our fellow ambassadors will amplify the value of Registered Apprenticeships as a workforce strategy in high-demand industries, such as tech, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. Notably, we will partner to develop and expand Registered Apprenticeship opportunities for historically underrepresented populations. 

As Apprenticeship Ambassadors, Apprenti will continue our work to solve the digital skills shortage and diversify the workforce through tech apprenticeships. As the industry sector lead, Apprenti is well positioned to deliver on our commitment to use our experience and expertise to promote and expand Registered Apprenticeship across all industries. Our organization will continue to serve underserved groups, as 85% of our apprenticeship placements come from underrepresented populations, like women, people of color, Veterans, and people with disabilities. 

The Office of Apprenticeship will collaborate with Apprenticeship Ambassadors to promote Registered Apprenticeship as part of the department’s commemoration of the 85th Anniversary of the National Apprenticeship Act on Aug. 16, 2022. The commemoration will continue through the remainder of the year and include National Apprenticeship Week, Nov. 14-20, 2022.

View the list of the new Apprenticeship Ambassadors.


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