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Apprenti Executive Director Appears Before House Committee on Education & Labor

On March 27th, the Apprenti Executive Director, Jennifer Carlson, appeared before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Education & Labor to testify at a hearing on Innovations in Expanding Registered Apprenticeship Programs. During the hearing, Jennifer spoke about the advantages of registered apprenticeships when it comes to things like the ability to earn a living wage and the national portability of credentials. Speaking alongside her were James G. Pavesic from United Association of Pipe Trades, Mark Hays from Dallas County Community College District, and Bridget Gainer from AON.

Jennifer noted that “at the close of 2018, there were roughly 2.97 million tech job postings in the U.S., while the country confers only 65,000 4-year computer science degrees and 250,000 total engineering degrees, annually. Coupled with an aging workforce and forecasted tech growth, this gap suggests a meaningful disconnect between supply and demand.” Apprenti is working to train people to fill that gap.

Watch the video below to see the rest of the hearing.

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