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There are hundreds of jobs
waiting to be filled
We offer Apprenticeship Opportunities in the following areas:

Software Developer/Analyst

12-19 weeks

HTML, JS, primary language stack (e.g., C#, Java, Python), computer science basics

Cybersecurity Analyst

11-14 weeks

CompTIA Network+, Security+, and CySA+ OR PenTest+

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CRM/CMS Developer

11-12 weeks

HTML/CSS, SQL, CRM cert (e.g., Salesforce, Adobe)

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IT Support Professional

6-11 weeks

CompTIA A+, Network+, and Linux+ OR Platform-specific training and certification (e.g. MS 365, Managing Modern Desktops, Azure Fundamentals, Support and Configure Windows, MS Teams)

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IT Business Analyst

9-14 weeks

ITIL Foundations, Business Fundamentals, Database Fundamentals/SQL, Data Visualization and/or Agile Project Management

Systems Administrator

12-13 weeks

Network+, Linux+, Server+ and/or
Microsoft-specific Certifications

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Cloud Operations Specialist 1 & 2

11-14 weeks

CompTIA Network+, Linux+, Python/SQL, Platform Training and Certification (AWS, Azure, other)

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Technical Sales Specialist

7-8 weeks

IT industry overview, sales techniques, client presentation/public speaking

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DevOps Specialist

14-16 weeks

CompTIA Network+, Linux+, HTML/JS, Python

Web Developer

14-18 weeks

Computer Science Basics, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, MVC Design, Agile Software Development

UX Designer

12 weeks

User Research, User-Centered Design and the UX Design Process, Wireframing, Usability Testing and Prototyping

CRM Administrator

8-10 weeks

Administration and Architecture, CRM/CMS Certification(s), Database Fundamentals, SQL, Analytics

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Data Analyst

10-13 weeks

Excel fundamentals, SQL, Python, Tableau/AWS Analytics/Power BI

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