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The path, the plan, your career in tech.

Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

When do interviews occur?

Apprenti is employer demand based. Staff will reach out to candidates to schedule interviews when hiring partners have openings. Candidates will be selected for interviews based on their occupational interest, location, and when they passed the assessment. There is no set schedule for frequency of interviews.

Am I eligible for Apprenti?

Apprenti is for anyone looking for a path and a plan towards a career in tech, focusing primarily on women, veterans, and people of color. If you are 18 years old or older, have a high school-level education, and are eligible to work in the United States for the duration of the program (i.e.,I-9 eligible) you can apply for the Apprenti program. Characteristics of successful candidates may include: persistence and ability to learn new concepts quickly; being collaborative and able to get along well with a variety of personalities and backgrounds; responsibility and determination to complete the program and get the job done.

Do I need to have a degree to apply for Apprenti?

No, you do not need a degree to apply—only a high school education is required. If you have a degree and are having a hard time getting a job in the tech field, Apprenti can help get you in the door. No prior technical experience is required to be accepted into our program.

How many apprenticeships are available?

The number of available apprenticeships is based on the interest of hiring partners. We add more opportunities on a rolling basis and continue to grow the number of available apprenticeships.

How long do I have to take the assessment?

You have 10 days to complete the assessment once you start it. So, if you took the math section today, you’d have 10 days to complete the other two assessment sections.  You can complete one section of the assessment and return later to complete another section, but you must complete all three sections of the assessment within 10 days. If you do not complete all sections within 10 days, you will receive a 0 score for any incomplete sections.

Can I retake the assessment if I don’t do well the first time?

Yes, you are offered a bonus re-take after your first time taking the assessment. After that, you will need to wait three months to take it a third time. Each applicant has four total attempts to pass the assessment. We have test prep materials available on our website to help you study. Your highest scores from each assessment area are used to determine your total score. Many applicants need to take the assessment more than once in order to pass. The score required to pass the assessment is 80. 

Do I get to choose which apprenticeship occupation to apply for?

Yes, you can select the occupations you are most interested in when you create your account. Please only select occupations that are actually of interest to you. You can also choose up to three geographic locations where we have opportunities. nly choose locations where you would be genuinely excited and able to relocate should you be offered an apprenticeship opportunity. We will look at your occupational preference and location preference when selecting candidates to interview.

What can I expect once I’ve been accepted into the program?

We will enroll you in accelerated full-time classroom-based technical training that will last two to five months. Once you complete training, you’ll proceed to one year of paid on-the-job training with your employer. Once you have graduated from your apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity and experience to qualify for a full-time job at your hiring company.


What is the expected time commitment for technical training?

The technical training period is full-time. You should expect to spend a full 40 hours per week in class in addition to homework requirements outside of class. Some apprentices will learn faster than others and require more or less time on a weekly basis. Missing class is not advised. Courses are fast-paced and cover a depth of material that make each lesson difficult to make up if missed. Working part-time during technical training is not a viable option for most apprentices.


If I have acquired some technical skills through previous training is it possible to bypass the training portion of the program?

You may be able to forgo some or all of the technical training by passing a placement test or showing proof that you previously completed the course. Not all courses have placement tests available, and you may need to retake a course if the course material has been updated since you completed it. Requests to forgo training are evaluated on a case by case basis.

How much does the training program cost and is it covered by Apprenti?

The training is currently offered at no cost to apprentices. Expenses are covered by funding from employer contributions, grants, and donations.


What type of training will I receive?

Technical training is usually held in a classroom setting, but may be delivered online or in a workshop format for smaller cohorts or highly specialized employer requirements. Course material depends on the apprenticeship occupation. For example, if you are training to become a cybersecurity analyst, you’ll take coursework in networks, security and risk management, and intrusion detection/penetration testing/ethical hacking. These topics will be associated with industry-recognized certifications where appropriate. Instructors and employers are aware some apprentices may not have formal tech backgrounds. For this reason, training is designed to be comprehensive so all apprentices can be prepared for on-the-job tasks.

Who are Apprenti’s training partners?

We work with a range of local and national training providers that offer coursework relevant to skills required by our employers. Providers include Northern Virginia Community College, TLG Learning, Code Fellows, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, and dozens of others. Some training programs may offer academic credit toward a degree program, or may be recognized based on the certification outcome to satisfy computer science or IT course requirements. 

Once I complete the technical training, is the one year of paid on-the-job training portion of my apprenticeship guaranteed?

Yes, upon successful completion of technical training, apprentices will transition into their OJT position. That being said, apprentices must keep up with their competency benchmarks throughout OJT and behave professionally or they risk the cancellation of their apprenticeship.

Who are the hiring partners for Apprenti Program?

Apprenti partners with many companies and institutions around the United States including Amazon, F5, Microsoft, Wayfair, Kroger, Huntington Bank, Harvard University’s IT Department, BlueCross BlueShield, and more. New hiring partners and markets are added as our program continues to grow. While not all of our partners are traditional tech companies, they all have a need for well-trained tech workers.

How much can I expect to earn during my one year apprenticeship?

As a Registered Apprenticeship program, Apprenti sets minimum rates for pay based on location and occupation. These rates are reduced from the normal rate of pay for that occupation in recognition of the fact that you are still learning the job. After six months, you will normally receive a raise if you continue to meet competency requirements. Apprentices are also entitled to health and dental benefits over the course of their job training and potentially other company standard benefits such as 401k retirement savings or a health care savings account.

Once my year of on-the-job training is complete, will I automatically have a permanent position with the company where I did my apprenticeship?

We ask our hiring partners to plan post-apprenticeship FTE positions available for each apprentice they take on. However, employers are not required to retain their graduated apprentices. If you are not offered a full-time permanent role, you may be eligible to apply for roles with other Apprenti hiring partners.

How do I request an accommodation?

Review the Apprenti “Navigating the Accommodation Process” and “Disclosing a Disability – Know Your Rights” page to learn more the accommodation process for candidates and apprentices. If you need an accommodation please contact the Apprenti accessibility team at or (206) 513-7924.

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